Sunday, 28 June 2015

HIV and sexual assaults rise in homosexual men through chemsex

If even the homo-loving Guardian has to write about the 'chemsex' epidemic (basically a proliferation of drug fuelled pervert sex orgies facilitated by mobile phone apps like Grindr) then the situation must be dire.

The idea that homosexuality is normal and to be celebrated is being rammed down our throats by government, schools, the BBC and government. London last Saturday had rainbow flags flying and adverts on buses promoting gaydom. Nobody dares object. Increasingly one is afraid to say a word against the privileged homosexual elite, who exercise massive influence despite being only 1.5% of the population.

The rainbow does not belong to men and women suffering from sexual confusion and given to gross immorality. It is God's, and is associated with  the terrifying Noah flood global judgment on a sinful world.

Future judgment is promised as we read in 2 Peter chapter 3, where Peter prophetically links our denial of the past judgment on sin through the Noah flood (despite abundant geological evidence for a global flood) with our denial of future judgment on sin, including but not limited to sexual sin. Meanwhile, the chemsex epidemic speaks more eloquently about the sad, sick and dirty world of homosexuality than the propaganda we are constantly fed about 'loving, monogamous gay couples.'

Meanwhile Islam grows steadily. They believe our growing normalisation of sexual perversion and many Churches' cowardly acceptance of it is a sign from Allah that their time to take us over is near.

God have mercy on all us sinners.

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