Tuesday, 28 April 2015

So called gender reassignment surgery is a sick myth

A plastic surgeon, if so motivated and rewarded, can chop someone's genitals up and/or do their best to produce a different set. A physician can fill someone full of opposite gender hormones. A psychiatrist (trick cyclist) can tell someone that this is normal for them. And journalists can write or broadcast emotive interviews which call all this 'woman in a man's body'  thing normal. But it isn't. What's more, we know it's abnormal but are being browbeaten by the self appointed elite who control government and the media into saying we agree.

David Anderson has posted a very sympathetic and useful appraisal of the Bruce Jenner case here.


Well worth reading. Anderson makes the point that when we abandon God's word, our Maker's instructions, we don't just lose true religion, we become estranged from nature and lose reason itself before long.

Just because someone comes across sympathetic and cries real tears doesn't mean they are correct in their assertions. Emotive reasoning is no reasoning at all, it is simply an appeal to the cult of 'Me, Me and my feelings and desires.' We are all fallen and broken people, thank God He has appointed a Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, by Whom all our perverted thoughts and improper desires can be corrected and our wretched, entropically decaying bodies and minds raised through Christ to true healing and eternal life as God's adopted children.

Given the Fall, we are all of us twisted and tainted by our own corrupt nature plus the influences of the corrupted and corrupting society we inhabit. I am damaged goods too.
May God have mercy on Bruce Jenner and all those who join with him in promoting deception and perversity.

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