Thursday, 2 July 2015

a dying, decadent culture holds a minute's silence

Listening to our hopeless, deluded politicians talking ineffectually about the Islamic State. The one thing they are agreed on is its nothing to do with Islam 'The Religion of Peace.'

They are having a minute's silence today for the 30 British tourists gunned down by a Mohammaden killer last week, but would be better to have a day of fasting and humiliation for our national sin, including the proud, boastful celebration of sexual perversion that took place in London last weekend. And the 7 million victims of abortion ( see recent post about gendercide). When are we having a silence for them?

Islam is, I suspect, God's judgment on our sick, Christ-rejecting culture. So called 'British Values' are not God's values.

The Darwin mythos is at the heart of our national self deception. Just one question-if everything is evolved, including beliefs, then if Islam comes to dominate the West through natural selection and survival of the fittest, why would that be a problem?

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