Monday, 23 February 2015

Abortion on request is sacred-let the child sacrifices to Moloch continue.....

Dr Sarah Woolaston,  doctor and Tory MP for Totnes has tweeted to say she will be voting against Fiona Bruce's attempt to outlaw gender specific abortion. A growing number of female babies in Britain are being killed because they are not male and for no other reason. Medical groups, including the left wing pro-abortion BMA and various women's groups are voting against any ban on female specific abortion too. See link below.

The practice of aborting, i.e. poisoning, dismembering and incinerating, developing girl babies in the womb simply because of preference for a male child is termed gendercide. In China and India there are now millions of men who have no chance of marrying because of tens of millions of female specific abortions. This godless and harmful practice is now growing in Britain, mainly due to people of Indian descent.

You might think that the sisterhood would oppose this. After all, this is killing girls just because they are not valued as boys. But no. The 1967 Abortion Act, which from day one has been interpreted as allowing abortion on request, is truly sacred. Anything that suggests there might be a problem with abortion or any limitation whatever on women's supposed rights and freedoms to choose will be absolutely opposed with all available weapons. Not a millimeter can ever be conceded. After all, we all need to feel good about ourselves, so if we decide to do something our God given conscience tells us is evil, we need to silence our conscience with a lie.

Feminist activists claim that since only women become pregnant that men have no say-but of course much of the pressure for freely available abortion comes from men, whose freedom to fornicate without responsibility is greater than ever. And we all live in a society whose morals and world view have been radically changed by legal abortion on request. And if you are reading this, your mother didn't kill you.
The pagan tribes that inhabited Canaan practiced child sacrifice to their foul demon god Moloch. The One True God, who causes no man to sin but knows all things from the beginning, in His sovereignty allowed for this particularly evil people group to inhabit the specific piece of land that He had chosen to give to Abraham and his descendants for ever. Because of their spectacular wickedness, He justly decreed that they should be wiped out. Their practice of murdering their own children was cited as a key reason for this terrible judgment.

Well over 7 million unborn children have been killed in Britain since 1967, with the full connivance and support of the medical, legal and Parliamentary authorities and of the Press. The few that have spoken out against this have been shouted down. Abortion protest is now very muted, the current interest in female specific abortion has lifted the level of interest. Interestingly, 7 million is about the number of foreign immigrants who have come in during that period of time, apparently since the labour market is short of young British people. So abortion on request has changed the demographic of Britain as well as its ethical milieu. Don't expect a BBC or C4 documentary exploring this any time soon.

I am studying the sad but beautiful  Book of Jeremiah at present. This book deals with God's mercy in warning wicked nations and graciously giving them ample opportunities to repent and turn away from their sins and be forgiven before final judgment comes. We read in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that the shedding of innocent blood cries out to God for judgment. It is true that the Bible says nothing specific about abortion, but we can reasonably conclude that God hates it, as it destroys a human made in His image.

 in the first chapter of Jeremiah He said to the young man

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."

Psalm 139 also affirms that the child in the womb is fully human, verse 13 King David speaking in prophetic praise to God says

'You formed my inward parts, you wove me together in my mother's womb.' 

And we read in Luke's Gospel 4:44  that the unborn John the Baptist '...leaped for joy...' in the presence of the unborn Jesus in Mary's womb.

No more needs to be said: when we take the life of a developing human in the womb we are messing with God. And we know it.  In Jeremiah 19: 5 we read that God said

"They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal--something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind."

This is an extraordinary statement from an omniscient Deity-it appears that God was uniquely shocked that people should be so extremely wicked that they would kill their own children.

Jeremiah continued to speak God's gracious and merciful rebukes and warnings to to Israel, but they refused to listen, even burning his words in public, beating him and throwing him down a muddy well. But in time all of his words proved true and unrepentant Jerusalem was destroyed and its rulers taken into exile. The king's sons (who had  mocked and ill treated Jeremiah) were killed in front of him, he was then blinded before being taken to prison in Babylon for the rest of his life.

For the materialist/atheist/humanist of course the above is all nonsense. We came from nothing and are going to nothing, there is no God so no moral law and there are no eternal consequences, only our rights and liberties to have as much fun as we can for as long as we can. If a baby is on the way and it doesn't suit us, well it is weaker than us so our right in the struggle for life is superior. So kill it. But having crossed that red line, why not kill the handicapped and economically unproductive too? That would be the Darwinian thing to do. Society isn't quite ready for that yet, but it's coming, it's coming.....its amazing what you can get used to.

God partook of our weak, frail, suffering human condition when He became a zygote, then a foetus, in Mary's womb. Because of what He did for us on the cross, the worst of us can be forgiven and reconciled. But the offer has terms and conditions. Immediate application is highly recommended.

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