Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design

I can see why Dawkins refused invitations to debate Meyer when they were both on US book tours. Much simpler and safer for him to rely on slogans such as 'intelligent design is religion, full stop, so none of the issues it raises need to be addressed.' A much more tactical approach for him than trying (and failing) to answer the questions. He has clearly learned his lesson-stay well clear of scientifically literate Darwin sceptics. Stick to 'Who made God?' and other schoolboyish slogans and rabble rousing.

Meyer, who earned a Cambridge pHD in the philosophy of science and particularly looked at DNA, uses the same process of reasoning as was used by Darwin, looking at causes which are known to operate today. Meaningful information ONLY EVER comes from intelligent sources. There is not one single known exception. DNA is the most sophisticated example of meaningful information known, by very many orders of magnitude. It therefore follows that it is reasonable to suppose that it has an intelligent origin.  

Meyer's book 'Signature in the Cell' shows how Darwinism is falsified by reason and science concerning the origin of information. Darwin fails absolutely in the light of information science, there remains no excuse for continuing to call it a rational scientific theory.

Of course the BBC will never cover this story regardless of the public interest because of its well known pro-Darwin bias. Although the Intelligent Design Hypothesis is not religion, and Stephen Meyer presents only rigorous scientific arguments, it is well understood that if Darwinism is falsified, atheism and therefore the sexual revolution and much else is under intellectual threat. This is unacceptable to the mutually appointed liberal left elite who run most of Britain's institutions and most particularly the BBC. They can't answer the science based arguments deployed by men like Stephen Meyer and Michael Behe so they misprepresent them and deny them access to the mass media.

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