Friday, 23 March 2012

More evo-prop about 'hominids' developing upright posture-'because it would be helpful'

I heard this item on the radically pro-Darwin BBC last week and looked it up, finding this item in The Independent. The story can be checked elsewhere. Its a very typical example of what passes for science and evidence when it comes to promoting The Darwin Mythos.

we read....

‘Mankind's ancestors may have started walking on two legs simply (simply!!!-ED) because it allowed them to carry more food away in their hands, boosting their chance of survival, scientists believe.

Anthropologists studying chimpanzees found that the great apes, who usually walk on all fours, walk upright and free their hands for carrying when they need to monopolise hard-to-find resources by swiping more at a single attempt in the face of fierce competition.

The team from the University of Cambridge and Kyoto University in Japan believe the benefit of "first come, first served" and getting a bigger share of scarce food supplies could, over a long period of time, have led some of our earliest "hominin" (sic) ancestors to evolve into "bipedal" primates walking on two legs permanently instead of four.

Professor William McGrew, from Cambridge's department of archaeology and anthropology, said: "Bipedality as the key human adaptation may be ….’

(My emphasis)

Enough Darwinian ‘could...believe...maybe’ already. The actual science facts here are uncontroversial, apes behave somewhat differently when it suits them. Big deal. Many creatures can behave diferently to exploit an opportunity, like diving birds hunting fish attracted to man-made lights etc, but this doesn't change their nature. Only changes to genetic code can do that. Ape ancestors could only have developed upright posture if genetic accidents gave them the code for the necessary structures. But the mechanism of random mutations has been studied at great length and it can’t do any such thing. Fail.

Published scientist Stuart Burgess has written a scholarly article here which exposes the weakness of evolutionary suppositions about the alleged evolution of upright posture. Apes can’t maintain the upright posture for any length of time because they lack cruciate ligaments and a locking knee. These features bear hallmarks of design. They will only develop these features if the genetic code for them were to emerge. This has never been observed,  it is mathematically impossible, it can’t happen.

The Darwinist’s assertion that upright posture will develop because it would be helpful is based on pure wishful thinking and a priori determination that evolution must be true. It is an illogical supposition which violates science. Features will not emerge because they would be nice, only if the genetic code emerges. The generous funding and uncritical promotion of this sort of just so 'how the camel got his hump' story masquerading as evidence is what people are referring to when they say that evolution has been proved by ‘mountains of overwhelming evidence’. It is the drip, drip, drip of propaganda.

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