Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yet another example of words that don't mean what they say.

I know I've done this before, but as mentioned The Darwinian Evolution Mythos is driven into people's minds by relentless propaganda, the twin essences of which are ubiquity and repetition. as long as this keeps happening to our language it will be necesary to keep pointing it out, however boring it gets.

The popular and successful Tanglewood guitar company have launched a new range of instruments called 'Evolution'. They are however all intelligently designed. We know this because the process was observed, and is chronicled in the advert cited below, but also as the guitars bear hallmarks of design. So why the confusion of language? No, really. Sneer and snort all you like but since these guitars are 100% definitely intelligently designed, why call them 'Evolution'? Does evolution mean the same as design?

The following is a typical example of the sales pitch around this new range of guitars.

'Tanglewood Evolution TFA-VS Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood's guitars reflect a perfect blend between time-honoured design philosophies and modern manufacturing methodologies. Designed by some of Europe's most celebrated Luthiers, each instrument is a manifestation of some of the finest tone woods available, produced with their factories' meticulous attention to detail.' (My emphasis, ED)
Read more here:

Evolution propaganda doesn't have many tricks, and most of them aren't particularly clever. Success in propaganda comes from using the tricks relentlessly. In this case, as with all the other intelligently designed and skilfully manufactured objects of desire that bear the epithet 'evolution', the implication is that things tend to get better over time due to an inherent tendency in all of life which we call evolution. Its new, its better, it must have evolved, because evolution makes better things, doesn't it?

I'm not suggesting that the Tanglewood guitar company are in cahoots with Dawkins and the others who are working towards what they hope will be the final triumph of reason (i.e. Darwinism) over superstition (i.e. Jesus of Nazereth, God's Son, the Redeemer). They are just going with the ambient flow, in which words are made to bear meanings and associations which are misleading. They have been very successful. However, not these guitars nor any one of the designed and manufactured things which bear the tag 'Evolution' came into being by the Darwinian processes of random mutation and elimination of the least fit. And neither did anything at all other than genetically corrupt mutations and piles of junk. Variation within a species is not evolution in the sense of descent with modification from a common ancestor, the former can be observed and is consistent with Biblical creation, the latter is a myth which cannot be observed.

The meaning of words and how we use them matter. Tyrants, salesmen and con artists of all kinds know this well.

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