Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Another news headline today.....traces of methane apparently found on Mars, so maybe life!!!!!

2 problems-A) this isn't a new claim, and B) if there is methane on Mars it isn't even a glimmer of a fragment of the beginning of an explanation of the origin of life. And this isn't my faith position, it's basic biochemistry.

I remember hearing this one around 10 years ago. Setting aside issues about the accuracy of the technology that may have detected traces of methane, the herd of elephants in the room is the many steps from simple chemicals like methane to even a single strand of protein.

The reporters and commentators who constantly repeat these 'building blocks of life' assertions seem to be on a mission to persuade us by repetition that the origin of life is fairly straightforward. This is absolutely the opposite of the truth, and what's more the scientists know this very well.

This 'reporting' is not news, it's propaganda. Repeat something often enough, however false, and folks will assume it's true.

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