Monday, 24 November 2014

Silicon age fairy tales and chronological snobbery

Christianity is often dismissed as 'Bronze Age Fairy Tales'. This lazy slogan is inaccurate on so many levels you could write an essay about it.

For a start, I ask the scoffer, can you make, and work, bronze? I didn't ask 'Do you know what bronze is' but can you MAKE it, not in theory but for real, starting with rocks, sticks and fire. Because our ancestors whom you denigrate with your cheap slogans somehow worked out how to.

C S Lewis wrote about 'chronological snobbery', the idea that we are necessarily better than our ancestors because we come after them and have taller buildings, airplanes and mobile phones. They were dumb so they just believed any old nonsense, but we're so much wiser than them.

Oh yeah? Because they had Mozart, Shakespeare and Columbus while we have Lady Gaga, Shoot 'em up computer games, a generation of kids on prescribed amphetamine for 'ADHD' and Magalluf?

There is no evidence that our ancestors were stupider than us. Our technology is more advanced, but that is down to building on accumulated knowledge we inherited. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

We believe some pretty dumb stuff today. We believed that conquered Iraqis would willingly embrace Western style liberal democracy, pluralism and probity and then the whole Middle East would follow suit. Our rulers refused to listen to those who knew different. But we repeated the same errors in Libya and Syria. We have borrowed money we can't pay back to buy stuff we didn't need.

We have eviscerated marriage and encouraged, subsidised and enabled an epidemic of fatherless families which we know harms future generations. We are short of nurses, engineers and artisans because we encouraged our youth to do junk university degrees in 'film studies', 'criminology', sociology, graphic design, media studies and other liberal vanities. And we have created a housing crisis partly by epidemic divorce and single parenthood and also by bringing in 5 million immigrants to to do the work our own benefit claimants won't do-not least because we sold them unrealistic expectations and recruited them into a Ponzi scheme to pay our pensions and healthcare costs out of their taxes while they struggle with student debt and unaffordable housing. No wonder euthanasia is being talked up so much.

I don't think we are wiser, or even cleverer, than the generations of Chaucer, Bede and Newton. Our grandchildren will curse us for our selfishness and stupidity as they deal with the broken relationships, dismembered culture and cosmic levels of debt we are leaving them. We have abandoned our Christian heritage not for 'enlightenment' but for debt funded electronic toys and games.

Something else our worthy ancestors knew was that Islam wanted to eat Western Civilisation (formerly known as Christendom) and needed to be restrained. But for their efforts we'd be speaking Arabic and certainly not on line as the industrial revolution would not have happened, or the so called Enlightenment. We have welcomed it in and invited it to sit at table and have a drink while they look at the menu.

When you ditch the beneficent Creator God and His Saviour Christ, eventually reason and liberty follow true religion out the window and are succeeded by madness and tyranny.

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  1. Dear Christian,

    I challenge you to watch this short, provocative video clip regarding the morality of your God's act of killing little children in Noah's flood. If at the end of viewing this video clip you can still say that your God and your belief system are moral and good, I will strongly and sincerely encourage you to see a mental health professional.


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