Friday, 8 June 2012

Sir Andrew Huxley OM has died

The Telegraph carried a generous obituary of Sir Andrew, a distinguished scientist. Read here on

The obituary includes the following paragraph

"He served as president of the Royal Society between 1980 and 1985, using his presidential address in 1981 (as had his ancestor TH Huxley in 1860, defying the wrath of the bishops) (not to mention the wrath of the MANY scientists who doubted Darwin, they have been written out of the history books ED) to put forward a robust defence of the Darwinian explanation of evolution, countering new theories which suggested that the fossil record tells a story of periods of rapid change when new forms of organisms suddenly appeared. At the same time he admitted that there were lacunae in Darwin’s theory, noting that the question of the origins of life on earth, barely touched upon by Darwin, lay in the realms of speculation and analogy. The biggest problem for biology, “too often swept under the carpet”, was the existence of consciousness. " (my emphasis-ED)

Interesting, I wonder if I can obtain the complete text of that speech. Of course the Royal Society, having been infiltrated and taken over by Darwinists (see Malcolm Bowden's book 'Rise of the Evolution Fraud)would only have allowed one of their own to be top man. But it is noteworthy that he mentioned some of the grave scientific doubts which usually not discussed. Today, had he mentioned these still unsolved problems he might well have found himself on the wrong end of a Dawkinist lynch mob, like Professor Michael Reiss was a few years ago for daring to suggest that school students who questioned Darwin should be engaged with in discussion and asked to explain themselves rather than shouted down as 'a pack of braying ignoramuses'.

From the late Sir Andrew Huxley's obituary it seems that he was indeed a distinguished scientist and a gentleman. So, he didn't inherit all of the traits of his vile and boorish ancestor T H Huxley.

The Late Sir Andrew Huxley OM has now run out of places to hide from God, and has to face the Judgment Seat of Christ to give account for his life. There is no point me expressing any feelings about the outcome of this climactic event as it is by now 'a done deal' but I wish him well. I salute him for being a gentleman and a Nobel prize winner and for at least (as far as I have read) noting that there are 'lacunae' in Darwinism. Would that others in the Royal Society did the same instead of doing all they can to close down debate.
 In the speech quoted above, he touched on just 2 of the big problems where Darwinism has no answer, and never has had. And IMO never will. Evolutionists will sneer and make comments about 'calling our ignorance is working on models have shown that the problem can be solved...' etc.  But they're wrong.

What the science has done down the years since Darwin is run out of places to look. Just like when at the airport you search every pocket and bag twice with increasing vigour and desperation until you finally have no choice but to face the fact that you left your passport at home. The harder and longer science looks without finding answers to questions like how life began, what is consciousness (if not a God given soul) what is the source of the information in the DNA and many other questions I mention from time to time, the more it looks as if the answers, if any, are running out of places to hide. We know more and more places where the answers AREN'T. That's one reason for the desperate search for extra terrestial life which I have often commented on. Perhaps there are no answers apart from those which have been given to us by the God who foretold the coming of the Christ and then raised Him from the dead in testimony to the fact that His word was true and reliable. Science is meant to go with the evidence. Fulfilled prophecy about Christ is evidence of a magisterial God outside of time who knows the end from the beginning.

If you are reading this, you still have time to get right with God through Jesus. If I were you, I'd hurry though. the hour is getting late.


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  2. Mr. Daniels, I'd like to read your comments on the desperate search for extra terrestrial life. Where in your archives can I find them? Thanks.


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