Sunday, 3 June 2012

Search for ET life-triumph of faith over facts

A new method of seaching for extraterrestrial life has continued to fail to find any evidence of it. A item on the BBC about new long range scanners news is full of the usual excuses as to why absence of evidence does not equate with evidence of absence. They are determined to find the evidence because they know that life could not have originated spontaneously here on earth, yet for atheism, and the evolutionism that underlies it to be true,  it would have to have done. So the hopeless search goes on to find life elsewhere, as does the constant drip feed of hype and excuses.

They will never find evidence of organic life outside earth because there isn't any. Life does not come into existence simply because of the existence of liquid water on a planet of a certain size. Everything we know about life demonstrates that it had to have been designed and created. God created a stupefyingly large and majestic cosmos because He wanted to and because He could, and for our benefit (e.g. timekeeping, navigation, beauty) as we read in Genesis. It is supposed to draw us to Him in wonder and adoration, as we read in Psalm 19 'The heavens are telling the glory of God' and elsewhere in Scripture.

The search for extra terrestrial intelligence fails to consider that an extra terrestrial Intelligence has already revealed Himself to us. Refusing to acknowledge this isn't just unscientific, its plain bad manners and disrespectful. It is also futile, since we know deep down that God is God, we just don't want to acknowledge it because we don't want to repent of our pride, adultery, idolatry and other sins. The money being vainly spent on SETI should instead go into water engineering projects to feed Africa or other worthy causes.

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