Tuesday, 6 September 2011

illogical 'logic'

I saw this response to an email on Answers in Genesis which I thought made some points very well.

Somebody called AD wrote  >>>>>The information on your website is so illogical and wrong that it’s hilarious. Yet I feel worried that there are so many people who obviously believe this @!*&%$. I’m an Australian and I feel utterly embarrassed to think that Ken Ham is an Australian. And also someone that supposedly has an applied science degree from the university of queensland? Just because you believe in something doesn’t make it true. It’s one thing to read the bible’s stories and garner moral lessons from them, but to take its word literally? The bible is a historical book, which has been edited and changed over history. This site’s utter hate of science is ridiculous. Scientific thought is logical and critical thinking. The thoughts and ideas on this site are illogical and disgusting. Just because you can’t explain something or science is yet to explain it, doesn’t mean that the unexplainable is attributed to an unseen entity. This site even tries to refute things that science clearly explains. It’s just sad!
– A.D.<<<<

here is part of the response (shortened but this section unaltered)

Dear A.D.,
Thanks for sending us an email. I am replying below to your comments and questions. Please note that my comments are said with sincerity. (I understand that tone is sometimes difficult to display in writing, so I wanted to be up front about it.)

'The information on your website is so illogical and wrong'

Such as? This is called an unsubstantiated allegation, which you agreed not to send when you agreed to the feedback rules. So I’m surprised such a claim was made without any backing. We want the information on the website to be both logical and correct, so if there was anything to be challenged, please point it out so we can revisit to make sure it is accurate and modify it if necessary.

Based on the humanistic worldview promoted in your email (i.e., the Bible is not true), why do you think logic exists? For logic to exist, the Bible must be true. The sheer fact that you believe logic exists betrays the very worldview to which you pay lip service. In other words, your worldview is self-refuting. Please see Atheism: An Irrational Worldview.

'that it’s hilarious.'

This is an epithet fallacy. But consider the humor of someone claiming something is wrong and chuckling about it, and yet they cannot name why it is wrong.

'Yet I feel worried'

Why would an evolutionist worry (see Luke 12:22)? If everything follows either purely random processes or purely predetermined material results of chemical reactions, then why worry? In such a worldview, this is illogical.
Again, the fact that people worry reveals that they want some sort of moral code, which is meaningless in an evolutionary worldview, by the way. But I’m glad you have the sense of worrying because it means that you want morality. I want to encourage you, however, that morality comes from God.

that there are so many people who obviously believe this @!*&%$.

This is another epithet fallacy.


the response continues. Click on the link to read it in full.

This ilustrates some of the debating tactics used to attack anything that quesstions the prevailing secular humanist world view. The respondent (Bodie Hodge) demonstrates and examines the tactics, for example to assert 

'The information on your website is so illogical and wrong'

without specifying which information is 'illogical and wrong' and why. The bold assertion is just enough, as with cliches like 'mountains of overerwhelming evidence' and the immortal 'could have, might have, must have ' which from Darwin onwards answers every charge about the lacking empirical evidence for abiogenisis, information building mutations, transitional forms etc.

And so it goes. Thanks to those creationists and Darwin questioners who find the time and energy to respond in detail to the kind of stuff AD posted. I have done with engaging with this kind bluster and bombast, so I just post it like it is and leave it. People can do what they please with it. Unles of course determinism is true, in which case they can do what they are programmed to do with it!

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