Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The peppered moth scam

Nothing very original here, just letting out some suppressed truth about the fake evidence used to brainwash schoolchildren. Starting with peppered moths.

The peppered moth is one of the icons of evolution, as everyone who wants to pass a biology exam must know, and believe without question. Profesor Steve Jones, BBC atheist and mate of Dawkins, said this was the best evidence for evolution. What is the worst, I wonder? The fact that 'all the scientists accept it' (except the ones who were made an example of for questioning it and the others who therefore learned not to ask the wrong questions)?

Basically, the peppered moth-biston betularia- has 2 forms, light and dark.  Always has, always will. Lots of animals are the same, for example melanistic adders (vipera berus). This is an incredibly banal biological fact. Darker and lighter moths can interbreed and produce fertile offspring, so according to the simplest and most realistic definition, are one species. Got that? one species. Same as humans who also have various skin colours but are one species.

The peppered moth is, apparently, predated on by birds as it rests on tree trunks. The darker form is easier seen when resting on light coloured tree trunks, while the lighter form is better camouflaged. The reverse is true when the tree trunks are darker. So far, so logical. and, yes, this is an example of natural selection or differential survival. No problem with that. The elimination of less fit forms leaving more space for fitter forms to survive and breed (which is all natural selection is) is entirely consistent with young earth creationism.

I will set aside the issues about how the original experiments on peppered moths were, shall we say, 'helped along' to make sure they showed the desired result. That story is important, and can be Googled, but is superfluous when it comes to exposing the peppered moth story as rubbish evidence for evolution.

As tree bark colour changed due to differential lichen growth in different conditions of air quality due to industrial pollution, so apparently the relative proportions of darker to lighter moths altered. This apparently proved evolution. Except that no evolution has taken place. Unless you define evolution in such a way that this evidence supports evolution as defined in your definition, which definition is supported by this evidence. In other words, unless you employ the kind of self referential and circular argument which was perfected (apart fom his appalling English) by Charles Darwin.
Anyone awake out there? You have been had.

Altering the gene frequency (for example, for colour, as here) in a population is not a process by which you could ever turn one animal or plant into an entirely different one. To quote the late Don van Vliet 'the dust blows forward and the dust blows back'. Cyclical variation is not the same as progress. No new genes are being produced. Time doesn't help, as it is quality, not quantity, that matters here.

When I had the peppered moth story rammed down my throat in biology class I couldn’t see why it proved evolution. I still can’t. That’s because it doesn’t. Its just another atheist scam pretending to be science. My biology teacher said ‘remember, this isn’t the same as white and black rabbits being released in snow or on black slag heaps and being shot with a rifle!’ But it is. Its exactly the same. Its just differential survival due to variable levels of camouflage against predation. I tried to believe my teacher out of respect for what I assumed was his superior knowledge, but I now realise he was teaching what he was taught to teach, and in the way he was taught to teach evolution. This is the revealed truth- memorise and believe it or you will fail the exam, and don’t ask questions which imply that evolution might not be true. 

All the biology teachers believe evolution-or they will be sacked.

Biston betularia=biston betularia. Dark or light forms, still biston betularia. Minor cyclical change within the pre-existing gene pool= no evolution. Its a swindle and a scam to say that the peppered moth story supports the idea of all living things coming from a common ancestor by natural selection acting on random mutations.

Teacher is a deceiver, and deceived. And so are the people who say that evolution rests on empirical and potentially falsifiable evidence.


  1. LOL! My word, you really are a piece of work, aren't you?

    Change in the allele frequency of an existing gene pool (such as caused by predation like the moth case) is evolution by definition. But no one in the scientific community says or thinks such change in a gene pool is the only source of genetic variation responsible for the myriad morphological variations seen in life today. There are many other well known and well documented mechanisms that introduce genetic variation into a population. There's sexual recombination, variation due to genetic mutations like frame shifts, duplication with point mutations, insertions and deletions, etc. In some cases there is also a contribution from horizontal gene transfer.

    Really, with the internet and Google at your fingertips there's no excuse for you being so mind-numbingly ignorant on the most basic aspects of the science you're criticizing. Unless you like being willfully ignorant. Is that it?

  2. I find it sad not humorous, that our education systems have failed you.

    That there is an objective and universal process to determine the truth and validity of the claims of scientists, creationists, etc... and that this process is available to all regardless of their education level, and that you choose to forgo its use.

    In addition, I find it sad that your critique of the Peppered Moth research as evidence for genetic preference based on the selective pressures of predation, incomplete to the point of not considering it seriously. If you truly want to disclaim this research, you should start by understanding it specifically, not just the conjecture and hear say of like minded people and publications.

    If you would only do that, your arguments would gain such power as to not be ignored, or you would find the flaws in your arguments and discard them for more valid ones.

    Good luck

  3. You guys know whats sad, is that you 2 idiots actually believe in evolution when it has been proven wrong on so many occasions.
    I mean, you guys actually want to have descended from apes, it's absolutely hilarious that you guys could be so brain washed by the media like so many others out there who are too stupid to know any better.

    Luckily Elwin (the author) and myself are not so stupid and won't fall victim to this stupid "theory" of evolution, i emphasize on the word theory.

    It's even more stupid that you are arguing the point for the peppered moths when evolution KNOW that it was a failure and has been publicized as so for many years.

    One day im sure you two will learn...or perhaps not...

    Nice article Elwin.


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