Monday, 25 August 2014

No evidence for God- says particle physicist

In yesterday's Sunday Times 'A Life in the Day' interviewee Dr Harry Cliff, a Cambridge' particle physicist, spoke of his work. His work is connected with the huge CERN large hadron collider and the question of how we exist at all. Some people think that the secret of human existence can be best investigated by smashing atoms into each other at very high speeds

 Apparently, the scientists' calculations about the Big Bang don't add up, something to do with antimatter, and '...we shouldn't exist...'

Yes, I had heard something along those lines.....

Does he think about God?

 'Erm, no. So far we haven't found any evidence he exists.'

I wonder how, where and how diligently they have searched and what kind of evidence would persuade them?

One assumed that by 'we' Dr Cliff refers to his physicist colleagues at CERN. Perhaps he specialised in physics so young that he had no time to study philosophy, logic, irony or indeed English language. He needs to look up the term 'basic category error' and phrases like 'can't see the wood for the trees'.

God as we read in Romans chapter 1 can be seen in His creation, which Dr Cliff can see in part but admits he can't explain. He is also seen through Jesus who came fulfilling ancient prophecy, healing the sick, speaking like no other man and then after paying for our sins on the Cross was raised from the dead and was seen in a risen glorified body by many witnesses. He is not a particle but a Person.

There is enough evidence to persuade the humble, but the boastful and proud who make science their god will only accept a god who will jump into their test tube on demand. They will never be convinced until Judgment Day.

Incidentally the oh so clever but perhaps not so wise scientist is photographed in front of Kings College Chapel from where the annual festival of nine lessons and carols is broadcast. This includes the words from John's Gospel

'In the beginning was The Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made through Him....'

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