Saturday, 7 December 2013

A cynical, lying atheist blog

I recently stumbled across a rather nasty blog, a sample of which can be seen here

I spent a little while studying it although did not read it all. It is obviously written by an enemy of the Christian and creationist causes who wishes to use misrepresentation and mockery rather than argument.

I could not find anything independent about the blogger Jim Solouki, but in a brief search discovered that a few other folks had read the blog and apparently were taken in by it.

The first post shows a bad animation of a 'Dancing Jesus' saying 'This is how Jesus feels when you believe in Him'. Others are essentially unpleasant parodies of the sort of things that 'True Christians' (the author frequently refers to himself as a 'True Christian) are supposed to say.

things like:

-Nelson Mandela is in hell as Satan's new toy
-Women should stay at home in the kitchen
-Christopher Hitchens had a deathbed conversion (this false rumour was specifically denied by Hitchens himself, friends and family, and by a Christian doctor who attended him in his last hours)
-Stephen Hawking is paralysed because he wrote a book on cosmology which did not honour God
-Red Bull is the devil's drink
-The 'Toy Story' films (which this biblical creationist loved) are of the devil 
-the recent Philippines typhoon was God's judgment on the Filipinos for being Catholics
-accepting the Bible and Creation means rejecting modern science 'but that's a small price to pay to avoid going to Hell!!!

The blog also pretends to attack evolution, using a long list of discredited arguments that feature in lists of 'arguments that should not be used' on sites like Answers in Genesis. As an example, he asks things like 'If we are descended from apes, why don't we see apes in the zoo giving birth to humans?'. As readers of this blog will be aware, that is not an argument in common use-it reflects an ignorance of the claims of evolution that would preclude anything else the person said from being considered seriously. Of course, that is the intention of the blogger, to portray Christian creationists as using discredited arguments. Creationists are routinely misrepresented as failing to understand evolution theory, in order to nullify the very real science based objection we actually advance (for example, the multiple biochemical road blocks to undesigned origin of life theories, irreducible complexity of all biological processes, observable fixity of species with only limited cyclical variation within the genomic envelope, genetic entropy/cumulatively harmful nature of random mutations, lack of selectable benefits in putative intermediate forms, lack of intermediate forms themselves, origin of information etc).

Solouki (if that's his real name) also repeats the slanderous accusation that creationists say that belief in a six day creation and a 6,000 year old earth are necessary conditions for getting right with God. As I posted recently (and before I came across this mocking parody) there is no creationist organisation on the planet that preaches this. Ken Ham does not preach it, I do not preach it, the Bible does not teach it. This particular slander is growing in popularity. Although, like so many other pieces of misinformation, it can be readily disposed of, the time spent explaining why its not true is so much time wasted when there are real issues to discuss. Like so many of the strategies some people employ to prevent others hearing and engaging with the truth, it boils down to a distraction tactic. The whole blog is one big distraction tactic.

I assume that Jim Solouki is an atheist activist pretending to be a 'True Christian' , although I concede he might be a believer with a sick idea of how to preach Christ or at least provoke people into seeking Him. I have come across this tactic before a couple of times on YouTube. Of course, its impossible to know how many of the people posting responses are real people and how many are inventions under false names by the bloggers or their 'comment warrior' associates.

As C S Lewis wrote in 'The Last Battle',

'The enemy made his lie stronger by mixing a good deal of truth with it.'

A lot of what 'Solouki' writes is actually true. There is stasis in the fossil record, God is God, Darwin and Marx were both wrong and following their false ideas has been a disaster, there is a coming Judgment, Jesus did come to save us, we do need to repent and believe. I am willing to be criticised whether honestly or dishonestly for holding to these positions, but shame on this blogger for using dishonest misrepresentation tactics like this. And for mocking people with a simple but sincere faith in Jesus.

God is not mocked. If you the reader are going to reject Christ, then at least do so after thoughtful and open minded research and not on the basis of bad jokes and misrepresentations.

PS 2 days after I posted some criticisms, my comments are still 'in moderation' and have not appeared, although subsequent comments posted by exasperated Christians (apparently) have appeared. This fits my hypothesis that the blogger(s) are playing a nasty dishonest game. Still, as atheists they will of course believe they are not accountable to a higher power so why would they worry about little things like honesty and fair play?

PPS the wretch has posted this morning in response to a challenge to a debate 'Science is from Satan'. The most superficial perusal of ANY creationist or other Christian web site would show that nobody, but nobody, believes that. Not even Fresh Phelps/Westboro Baptist believes that science is Satanic.

Jesus said we would give an accounting for every idle word we said and especially for leading the simple astray. In a sad kind of way I am glad to see atheists resorting to this sort of tactic, it shows them (at least those who do these things) in their true colours and demonstrates that genuine Christian bloggers are perceived as a threat to their world view.

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