Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More evidence that 'junk DNA' is anything but junk.

New genetic research has discovered cancer producing genes on non coding DNA, which as the abstract in the link below says, ‘used to be called junk DNA’. They are now apparently calling it ‘dark matter’ DNA. The link takes us to some extraordinary scientific work which seems to suggest that cancer researchers will now be taking a far greater interest in the large majority of human DNA that does not code for proteins.


Cancer producing mutations have not previously been found in this region of the genome, but it now seems they are very important, and that they were always there but not being looked for.

Is this an example of evolutionary assumptions (i.e. the assumption that non-coding ('junk') DNA was irrelevant except as a reminder of our suposed evolutionary past) holding back medical progress?

This case of terminal metastatic melanoma cancer
shows what mutations do in the REAL world.
In the Darwinian fantasy world, mutations are believed to have 
made you and I from a starting point of dirty water and sparks.
According to evolutionary dogma, DNA that does not code for protein was junk left over from our evolutionary past. But it is now increasingly clear (as I posted recently about the ENCODE project's findings) that this DNA (some 99% of the whole) contains the assembly instructions that regulate the production and distribution of the proteins. Proteins are no use unless they are located correctly in relation to other structures. Think about it, the raw ingredients for a house or a car will just sit there in a heap unless there are assembly instructions and of course a disciplined team. DNA codes for proteins like collagen, but how is collagen made into, for example, the tendons that move your fingers as you type? Where else would these assembly instructions be other than in the DNA that doesn't code for proteins? Its not junk, its the operating system!

Of course, the repeatable evidence about random DNA mutations is that they cause cancer (as in this study where deadly melanoma cancer is caused by random DNA copying errors fouling up sophisticated intracellular systems that have hallmarks of design) and other harms. By contrast, in evolutionary belief they must create new meaningful structures for natural selection to act on. As Darwin wrote in Origin of Species "without the variations, natural selection has nothing to work on."

We now know that the variations can only result from mutations. Mutations cause cancer. How long will it be before this fact is acknowledged to falsify molecules to man evolution by destroying its only possible creative mechanism?

This discovery of cancer causing genes in ‘junk DNA’ may lead to many more researchers looking in this area, providing further evidence that non protein coding DNA is not junk but essential. No doubt excuses will be made and the Dawkinists will just ignore this or shift to a different emphasis.

Apart from anything else, this and the recent discovery that nearly all non protein coding DNA is transcribed, therefore active, scuppers the alleged similarity between our DNA and chimps etc since to get the oft quoted figure of 98% similar (or whatever it is this week) they only measure the protein coding sections which is a minority of DNA and does not include the vital assembly instructions in the non-coding DNA. It looks as if we are on the brink of a paradigm shift in our understanding of how living things are assembled, and its going to show that we are even more 'fearfully and wonderfully made '(Psalm 139) than was previously thought. Even less excuse for rejecting our Creator.

I have previously mentioned that the radically pro-Darwin BBC is very quick to pick up any story they can use to bolster evolution, such as the pathetic example recently about our fingers and toes getting wrinkly when immersed in water. I bet they don't pick up this far more significant story which seems to provide further hard evidence that 'junk' DNA is anything but. As intelligent design theory predicted.


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