Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Same sex marriage-the real agenda

This is what will happen if the Westminster power changes the definition of marriage to include same sex couples.

A few liberal churches will welcome it, as they do now. These people already deny Creation, the virgin birth, Christ's resurrection and the coming judgment anyway; they follow the false teachers Jesus and the Apostles warned against. However the Church of England, as Matthew Parris said on Channel 4 news last night, has a duty in law to marry anyone legally entitled to be married, ‘even devil worshippers.’ as he put it. If the law is changed, any so-called exceptions for conscience will be indefensible.

As soon as they are allowed to, hundreds if not thousands of homosexual couples will apply to be married in Anglican churches. If a parish church says yes, all the Evangelical believers and other traditionalists will leave, people who prefer God’s unchanging word to liberal consensus thinking. We will stop funding and working in that church. Churches will close. Result! Mr Tatchell will cry.

Churches that refuse will be harassed and sued, most likely funded by public money. If they lose, they will appeal all the way to Europe. The BBC will give maximum coverage, rent a mob will be out in force as services are disrupted. Anglican churches are struggling with all sorts of problems, they cannot afford a war of attrition forced on them by state funded homosexual activism. It will then be pointed out that if the C of E disestablished, it would lose the obligation to marry anyone who asks.

Disestablishment will be a massive boost for republicanism since the monarchy is inextricably linked to the established church. This may be right or wrong but it should be argued for openly not by deceit. Currently the issue is being swept aside with false assurances.

When King Charles becomes the supreme governor (long live our noble Queen indeed!) there will be a massive push for disestablishment anyway. But if this alteration of the definition of marriage is bullied through, the Queen will have to sign royal assent or abdicate. She cannot give her assent to same sex marriage without repudiating the Christian religion she swore to defend in her Coronation Oath. So you get disestablishment that way too. I have no doubt Peter Tatchell the gay rights activist and anti-monarchist campaigner and his revolutionary colleagues have thought this through as part of their strategy. They won’t be interested in the collateral damage as all the social support and community cohesion the C of E supplies to so many forgotten people is thrown out with the bathwater.

Meanwhile the active Christians who have left the sinking C of E ship will join more radical Bible churches. I have no doubt that plans against such churches are being developed as the next stage of the war against Christianity, possibly involving lawsuits for causing mental illness through teaching Bible truth about sin and judgment, and various other ‘human rights’ based activism to wear the churches down. We will see.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone who has read the New Testament prophecies about the end times. He who endures to the end will be saved.

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