Sunday, 5 August 2012

More evidence of intelligent design

There are three things I would draw to the open minded sceptic's attention in this video. The musical composition, the guitar and the woman.

All three items are beautiful, complex, made up of various interlocking parts which integrate perectly with one another (irreducibly complex) contain specified complexity and could not have come about by the operation of mindless forces. The integrated and beautiful features of each speaks of design.

The composition by J S Bach speaks for itself. Just listen, although I am told it does bear deeper analysis for the serious music scholar. Me, I just appreciate with thanks.

Music, even bad music (however we define that) is complex and meaningful information. It comprises notes, chords, timing and a key signature and has a satisfying effect on a sensitive ear and mind which is greater than the sum of its parts. Much music is far simpler than this piece, but even if we look at ugly and crude music such as, for example 'Make them suffer' by Death Metal outfit Cannibal Corpse (I'm not posting a link but its on YouTube) it is still too complex to have made itself. There is no record of any kind of music arising by undirected processes.

The guitar is another beautiful example of irreducible complexity pointing to design. Numerous features all have to be present and correctly assembled together or nothing works. The sound board, sides and back make up the body to which the neck is affixed. The head at the end of the neck holds the six tuners which, together with the bridge and nut allow the strings to be correctly tensioned to allow music to be produced-given an intelligent mind and fingers. The fingers of one hand fret the strings on the neck, the other set plucks the strings over the sound hole. Precise co-ordination is required. The fingers of course need to be driven by arms, the rest of the body (heart, lungs, bowels etc are all necessary to allow the fingers to work on the guitar), and a mind and brain is required to understand and interpret the information in musical notation and then drive the fingers. And that is where the woman comes in.

Complex as the compostion and the guitar are, the lovely Tatyana is many orders of magnitude more complex than either. We know from direct observation that both the guitar and the composition were designed and executed by creative and intelligent agencies. There are no examples in any field of human endeavour or discovery where meaningful information, such as we find in J S Bach's creations, or complex machines like this guitar, arise other than from a intelligence. It is therefore reasonable to say that we find the same pointers to design in the woman as we find in the instrument and the music. So why do we not consider it reasonable to suppose (in the absence of direct evidence to the contrary) that she was designed too? And, dare I say it, designed and executed wonderfully well.

See Psalm 139 vs 14 , 'I will praise thee O Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made'

This is the intelligent design hypothesis, it is not religions, it is not 'creationism in a cheap tuxedo' but is based on rational extrapolation from what we observe about things we empirically know were designed. We systematise our thinking about which features are found in designed things, and then think outside the materialist box (REAL free thinking) to apply those same observable features of design to living things. And in doing so, we reach the same place that the Bible writers came to when they asserted that 'The heavens are telling the glory of God and the universe displays his handiwork' (Psalm 19) or that 'There is no excuse' for men to deny the creator since he is displayed through his works (Romans chapter1)

Incidentally, or perhaps very relevantly, the 'progress' from the beautiful cadences and harmonies of J S Bach to the morbid, nihilistic, guttural growls of Cannibal Corpse says something about the way that western civilisation is going. I am not hopeful for it.

Anyway, enjoy the video. And be thankful.

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