Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Farewell Terry Hamblin

The death has been announced of Dr Terry Hamblin who was an eminent scientist and haematologist and a committed Christian and young earth creationist involved with the Biblical Creation Society. He was also a gentleman with a warm and generous heart. He faced his coming death, which he blogged about on his Mutations of Mortality blog, with courage and hope.

Dr Hamblin's commitment to Christ, a Biblical world view and rejection of Darwinism did not in any way prevent him being a leader and a high achiever in his field of research, in particular he was a pioneer of chronic lymphocytic leukemia research and treatment, as his obituary on the Telegraph (linked) shows.

His exemplary life shows once again that creationism is not a science stopper.

There is no conflict between true religion and true science. The conflicts are between the Darwin mythos and the findings of empirical science, and between the rival faith positions of materialism  and Christianity.

Goodbye Terry, be seeing you.

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