Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Draw Darwin day

Today is the 200th aniversay of the birth of Charles Dickens, an Englishman who actually achieved something useful and is still loved.

A while ago, Dickens' image was removed from the English £10 note and replaced by Darwin's, wrongfully I thought. Darwin's birthday is coming up at the weekend. Thinking about that other historical personality who is protected from ordinary criticism in my country and whose followers killed a whole bunch of people for drawing disrespectful cartoons of him, I thought I'd see if I can start a tradition.

Welcome to the first 'Draw Darwin' day! Post something on your own blog and link to this. Captions could include 'I have no difficulty in imagining' ...'surely we can believe'...'I can hardly doubt' ...'I have nothing to say about origins' or other quote from that goldmine of Guff 'Origin of Species.' You don't have to be any good at drawing, concentrate on the eyebrows.

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