Monday, 10 October 2011

more fossil evidence for creation

A friend drew my attention to this article in Science Daily

This beatiful fossil, asserted to be 120 million years old, is of a winged insect. I confess I lack the skills to classify it precisely, but very obviously it is very much the same as the thousands of moths, butterflies, lacewings and other winged insects we see today. If an entomologist, desperate to impose evoutionary theory upon the uncompliant evidence, is able to pick out some trivial difference in wing shape or whatever, then so what? Its a fully formed, beautifuly designed, winged insect from tip to tail. If evolutionism is true (*), it had to have evolved gradually from something that wasn't a winged insect. The evidence for any such gradual evolution is absent.

Predictably, it is claimed to be evidence about 'lacewing evolution'. What it in fact shows is a perfectly formed winged insect which like many another fossil is near as so what? identical to its living descendants we see today.

So, once again, the fossil record gives evidence of sudden appearance and stasis (with extinctions) which is entirely consistent with the biblical creation account but of no support whatever to the Darwin mythos. But the evolutionists will never let evidence get in the way of a good story.

(*) it isn't.

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