Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dinosaur feathers-more lies

Last week I listened to the normally combative and ultra sceptical BBC journalist John Humphrys interview a researcher abut a new find of alleged dinosaur feathers preserved in amber. All manner of speculation flowed about what this told us about feathered dinosaurs. I was waiting for him to ask the very obvious question 'how do we know these feathers are from a dinosaur?' He never asked this elementary, completely obvious question. Scepticism is not for evolution.

Anyway, I have now had time to check it out and discovered that the feathers were not closely associated with any dinosaur remains. Its all speculation. Just feathers. Fascinating, but all it proves is that there used to be animals with feathers. There still are-they're called birds.

see here

but what did anyone expect? Evolution holds it as a fundamental faith position that birds evolved from dinosaurs, so the absent evidence is manufactured, exagerated, hyped and sold. And if you asked the wrong questions you're an ignorant history denier. No need to test the evidence, just believe!

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  1. Hi Elwin!

    Just stopped by to see if you had bothered to learn anything at all about actual evolutionary theory or evidence. Sadly, it looks like you're just as ignorant as ever, and determined to stay that way.

    BTW, science has identified over 2 dozen different species of feathered dinosaurs from hundreds of fossilized specimens. There are whole books available on the topic, not that you'd ever bother to research before spouting the Creationist party line gibberish.

    Feathered dinosaurs


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