Friday, 5 August 2011

More ‘life on Mars’ bull. They just can’t leave it alone.

YET AGAIN we are being treated to recycled and overhyped 'news' about the possibility of water on Mars and its possible significance for spontaneous origin of life.
Quote from several web sources, accessed today, 5th August
 ‘’Scientists have discovered a new phenomenon on the surface of Mars which can potentially prove that seasonal water, and therefore life, could exist in the red planet.
The decades-long study of Mars has already established that water exists in the Red Planet in icy form, especially around its polar caps, and beneath the surface. But so far no investigation has shown Martian water flowing like a stream. The new finding can open leads in search for life on Mars, scientists say.”
‘scientist say’ you say? Must be true then because scientists are always right. Especially when they are trying to create some hype to get their grants renewed or sell a book.

>>>>NASA released images Thursday that appear to show flowing water on Mars.
Rich Talcott, the Senior Editor of Astronomy Magazine in Waukesha, called it an exciting day for astronomy and planetary science.

"This would be a big boon," Talcott told Wisconsin's Afternoon News.  "(The water) increases the odds there could be life on Mars."

Talcott believes there is likely life across the universe already.

"The fact that we have two planets in this galaxy with water would certainly indicate there is probably lots of water in existence across the universe," he said.

"Life developed pretty easily here on Earth.  That bodes well that life will get started elsewhere."<<<

‘Talcott believes.’

Life developed pretty easily here on Earth’ Did it? That’s news to me. Last I heard the scientists had pretty much admitted defeat over non designed origin of life scenarios-although they tend to keep quiet about it. Oh sure, I have seen some evolutionist propaganda videos on YouTube, as full of ‘could have..might have..first take a ‘simple’ cell…’ speculation and as empty of actual evidence as Origin of Species itself.

The bluster continues…….“This new finding can help scientists big time in their search for life in Mars. "This is water today, not in the past," McEwen told, pitching a case of briny water should be flowing in some places on the planet's surface…..
But it's all speculation right now — we wish we knew," he said.
Even skeptics have been won over by this new finding. Many scientists who thought it was premature to conclude there was water on Mars have seemingly accepted this study. This is what a former U.S. Geological survey scientists told the LA Times: "I've been something of a skeptic of the possibility of liquid water right at the surface under present conditions ... and I've been irritated in the past by people immediately jumping to yell, 'Water on Mars!...' "I think they [latest findings] make a very good case. … The story hangs together," said Michael Carr.”

So, there may be evidence of water in Mars, but
’its all speculation right now, we wish we knew’
Yep, that sounds about right ‘its all speculation’.
This story ‘maybe water, therefore inevitably life will have evolved on Mars-Yay! That blows the lousy creationists out of the water, don’t it?!?’ This story, and others very like it, have been surfacing and getting way more publicity than they deserve for some years now. The bottom line is that there are some long distance observations that appear to be consistent with, although not proof of, the presence of liquid water on Mars. That’s the reality. Then we move on to the fantasy.

The fantasy is that where liquid water is present (and it seems to be exceedingly rare-Earth is a truly favoured planet to have so much of the stuff) life will spontaneously arise, as evolutionists believe, happened here in Earth.
For any speculative God-free origin of life hypothetical scenario, liquid water is the inevitable starting point. However, that is a bit like saying that in order to build a fully equipped Nimitz class aircraft carrier, with its nuclear reactor, fighter jets, radar, missile defense systems and all, first you need an ocean. True, but then the difficult stuff begins. The issues facing non designed origin of life scenarios begin with the presence of a large and stable liquid water situation, but magnify hugely-water is the 'easy' bit. It would require several lengthy essays to set out the other necessary conditions for a single celled life form to emerge without design. I won’t even get started on them in this post. But they matter, and are never discussed whenever the 'water, which enables life to evolve' propaganda is gassed out. I regard this as very dishonest.

The constant repetition of the ‘maybe there’s water on Mars, so life must have evolved there, so that proves evolution.’ propaganda, because thats all it is, insults listeners’ intelligence. Who is behind this repetitive massaging and manipulation of an insignificant scrap of news? Who is paying for it? What is its goal? Surely it is aimed at deceiving the simple.

SETI (Search for Extra Terestrial Life) is on the verge of being abandoned, we have no evidence at all of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe, although we do have evidence of super-human intelligence in the coherent, meaningful, super-compressed information carried in our DNA (See  Stephen Meyer's book 'Signature in the Cell') and evidence of life after death through the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Why are we thrashing around like crazy, spending money and using skills that ought to go on water engineering and re-afforestation projects in Africa, trying against all the evidence to find some origin and meaning of life story other than the one we have been given by our Creator and Redeemer?

By that way, I laughed like a drain when the arrogantly named ‘Beagle 2’ British Mars probe crashed and burned on Christmas Day 2003. Serves them right, who says God has no sense of humour? If they ever do find any bacteria on Mars, which I doubt, they will probably have been introduced there in a Piltdown spaceman plot. Wasn't it Einstein who said 'don't look to hard for something, you might find it.' Confirmation bias or what?

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  1. Science scares the heck out of you, doesn't it? Every new discovery is one more perceived threat to your religious beliefs, one more thing for you to hand-wave away. What a sad attitude to have.


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