Friday, 4 February 2011

Darwin doubters 'slightly bonkers' says BBC's John Humphrys

John Humphreys on the BBC radio 4 Today programme last week made an off hand reference to people who doubt evolution as ‘slightly bonkers’. BBC listeners and viewers will have to take his word for it, since it is BBC policy never under any circumstances to allow anyone who doubts Darwinian orthodoxy to express the scientific reasons for their doubts. And this despite a recent BBC survey which showed that only half of us accept Darwinism-and this after decades of wall to wall evolutionist propaganda and vigorous suppression of dissent.

Interesting compare and contrast with the wide open platform the BBC and the Today programme in particular gave to now disgraced medical researcher Andrew Wakefield. When several years ago he was in a minority of one asserting that the MMR vaccine was causing brain and bowel disease, the BBC had him on time after time, given all the space he needed to make his case. He was given equal space with the establishment view which was helpd by absolutely everyone else, so he was in a far smaller minority than Darwin doubters. Wakefield has since been exposed as a liar and struck off the medical register, the British Medical Journal is running a series of articles about this providing evidence that not only was he concealing major conflicting financial interests but actually falsified his data. Its not me claiming this, its Britain’s foremost peer reviewed scientific medical publication And from the BBC? Silence.

So, some minority views are given plenty of space, others only mentioned when they are being jeered at.

4 children died in the measles outbreak which predictably (and it was predicted) resulted from the publicity given to Wakefield’s ‘bonkers’ and we now know totally wrong views. Don’t expect the BBC to accept any responsibility for this. However, that is nothing to the disaster that could occur to the British secularist establishment if the even bigger fraud of Darwinism were exposed to serious scrutiny. The BBC will maintain its policy of smearing and sneering at the intelligent design movement and Darwin dissent in general, but never allowing its scientific basis to be openly discussed. There is too much at stake.

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